• The Sunshine Princess - Sunflowers

    The Sunshine Princess - Sunflowers

    Claret Sunflower
    A very good sunflower hybrid 6" wide with deep red flowers with a slight shiny at the center,multi branching type which means there will be many flowers,pollen free excellant cut flower.Needs full sun and rich soil

    Black Oil Sunflower

    Black Oil Sunflower is popular for its seeds which is highly oil contented and is used to feed wild birds as they get high energy from these seeds.Black oil sunflowers are the traditional, large-headed sunflowers that grow to heights of 6 feet or more.Optimum temperatures range from 64 to 91° F. Planting dates for the seeds range from May 1 through May 20 for northern regions and mid-March through April in the southern portions of the country.

    Stella Gold Sunflower

    Long spider like yellow petals and dark brown centers on single stems.Stella Gold' is considered a hybrid cultivar.Stella Gold is known for growing to a height of approximately 6ft tall.Stella Gold Sunflower is great for inexperienced gardeners and those that like low maintainance gardens.Need full sun and remember to water often.

    Butter Cream Sunflower

    Pale butter yellow flowers with brown centers.Long side branches that continue to provide blooms for several weeks make this a perfect cut flower.Flowers are 4 to 6 inches and longlasting.Plants grow upto 4 to 5 ft tall.Early to flower, with blooms appearing in as little as 50-60 days.

    Velvet Queen Sunflower

    Well grown plants grow upto 5 ft tall.Magnificent flowers with velvety crimson petals and black hearts. these flowers are unforgettable in the garden or vase.Flowering season mid summer.Bloom size 6 t0 8 inches.Needs full sun.

    The Teddy Bear Sunflower

    The Teddy Bear Sunflower
    Also called sungold, absolutely beautiful extremely large producing very dwarf, 15cm and double golden yellow in colour chrysanthamum like blooms on sturdy 5 foot plants, nice cut flower. A real eye-catcher in the border, looks good in containers and is a must for its long lasting, impressive appearance in a vase. Height 45cm (18in). Spread: 30cm (12").Flowering July, August, September, sowing  March, April, May, June, needs full sun

    American Giant Sunflower

    American Giant Sunflower is the tallest among sunflower variety, can grow upto 16ft hall.with stronger stalks than other tall types, and very big leaves Flowers are 10 inch golden-yellow  It makes an excellent background plant or tall screen. To produce the tallest plants and largest flowerheads, plant in fertile soil and provide plenty of sun and water.

    The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant native to the Americas. It possesses a large inflorescence (flowering head), and its name is derived from the flower's shape and image, which is often used to capture the sun From the Americas, sunflower seeds were brought to Europe in the 16th century, where, along with sunflower oil, they became a widespread cooking ingredient. Leaves of the sunflower can be used as cattle feed, while the stems contain a fibre which may be used in paper production.There are nearly 50 different kinds of sunflowers which is used for cultivation.Sunflower is the state flower of US state of Kansas and one of the city flowers of Kitakyshu,Japan.

    Here I am trying to make a page for the smiling sunshine beauties...gathering as much datas I could get and as much varieties :) on a daily basis post for some days...all snaps are collected from the web, thanking all the photographers..


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