• The Little Beauties - Iris

    The Little Beauties - Iris
     Iris Croatica -
    The national flower of Croatia which is strictly protected in the country.Iris croatica is a bearded rhizomatous species of iris.It grows mostly in the woods of Downy Oak and Black Hophornbeam on dolomite and limestone soils

     Iris Barbata -  Iris boroco

     Iris Boroco tall beared iris.Hybrid, Parts of plant are poisonous if ingested,needs full sun.Blooms colors Magenta (Pink-Purple)Fuchsia (Red-Purple),bloom time Midseason, Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater.plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seed

    Iris Palaestina

    Native to the E.Mediterranean, from Syria Jordan, Lebanon and Israel in low hills. The flower colour is variable; it is usually a pale whitish-cream or pastel yellow.The clustered flowers are held over long, narrow, strappy leaves with undulate edges.

     Israel Iris - Iris regis uzziae

    This is a rare endemic small iris growing in S Israel and S Jordan. It is named after the biblical King Uzzia. In Israel the flower range from white to pale blue. It blooms in late winter when most other plants are still dormant. Fewer leaves and the yolk-yellow colour of its cres

    Samurai Warrior Iris

    Samurai Iris is Tall Bearded Iris has standards and falls that are vibrant red. This iris blooms early in the season and is 36" tall. Hybridizer: Schreiner '81.Need full sun, water regularly

    Kashmir Iris - Iris kashmiriana 

    Kashmir Iris is white flowered Iris grown by the graves in Kashmir. Flowers are white tinged with pale blue sometimes.Kashmir Iris is native to Kashmir, several species of Iris, including German Iris are grown to decorate graveyards. Flowering: April-June.

    Clark's Iris
    Iris clarkei Himalayan Iris has medium sized flowers ranging from deep blue to violet infused blue with a contrasting yellow patch on the falls and deeply coloured blue standards above slender leaves.Seeds are semicircular, flat. Flowering: June-July. Flowers are bluish violet

    Japanese iris - Iris Ensata

    The term Japanese iris encompasses three varieties of Irises cultivated in gardens or growing wild in Japan:The bluish purple color of the flowers of the Japanese garden iris is an example of the copigmentation phenomenon.It is a prefectural flower of Aichi Prefecture due to the famous tanka poem which is said to have been written in this area during the Heian period

    Spanish Iris - Iris lusitanica

    Spanish Iris is narrow, 1cm wide leaves sit below superb golden yellow flowers in succession from June to July. Their flower colour is unique in the Xiphium section and is the source of all yellow colourations in florists' irises. Leaf growth will start early given the chance so plant the bulbs late in November to prevent the foliage emerging too soon.


    Iris is a genus of 260–300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species. As well as being the scientific name, iris is also very widely used as a common name for all Iris species, though some plants called thus belong to other closely related genera. A common name for some species is 'flags', while the plants of the subgenus Scorpiris are widely known as 'junos', particularly in horticulture. It is a popular garden flower.Rhizomes of the German Iris (I. germanica) and Sweet Iris (I. pallida) are traded as orris root and are used in perfume and medicine, though more common in ancient times than today. [thanks to wiki]
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