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    Posted by Nichu
    Some flowers from my garden at Kerala.. Click to view the actual size..
    Yellow big Hibiscus with a touch of red on the center, so lovely to watch the bloom..

     Arali buds ...(Nerium Oleander)

     Another thick hibiscus red in colour, daily flowering...

     A variety Jamanthi plant, many flowers in branches with a sweet smell..
    I have another violet colour of the same, but there were no flowers in it this time..

    Dont know whats the name of this plant, this flower very common and was seen near the
    riversides before, but noawadays the nurseries say its one of the costiest and most wanted flower by the garden lovers..as the flowers are very eye catching

     Roses, red and white miniature types...

     Indian Ixora, after the rain with many flowers..

     Roses, beautiful one with a very sweet fragrance..

     Another type of Ixora..

     Vadamalli (Globe Amaranth), the lasting cute flower
     Dont know the name of this one.. sweet flower with 2 shades..
    lasts for many days..

     And from the backyard vegetable garden brinjals..

     Green spinach..

     And the Ramputtan fruit getting ripe...

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