• My Drawing - Page 1

    Some of my drawings...
    a good drawing has to come out from 
    a calm and peaceful mind..
    I could never draw anything on a busy day or in the middle of too many noises and strangers..
    some of my sketches.. Click to view the actual size
    Drew this seeing an animated gif.
    Roses were always my favorite, tried to sketch

    A pair of deers..
    The Kanikonna,drew this for a competition..
    People are lonely when they become old, just like this tree with no leaves or flowers or fruit in it..

    Drawing on a lazy day..off course this didn't satisfy me..na
    This came out from within me..
    On a happy mood..
    A mughal sketch, it took many days to finish this one
    The Teen age !!
    Something in MS Paint
    Sree Budha on a dark shade

    A horse in dark pencil sketch..

    unclear images from a dream..

    With MS Paint..
    Plunged heart !! broken into pieces..


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