• My Gif Creations 1

    My Gif Creations

    I am not an expert in this, but as I had much interest in these animations, tried to do some..
    My first gif. Butterfly on a rose and raindrops

    A pot with lovely flowers and butterflies
    An angel near to a nest
    Petals falling from a branch and a butterfly

    This one is one of my favorites,flowers,butterflies,bird

    A lady lost in thougths with pets
    A hen laying egg inside cala lilly,funny isnt it
    My favorite pink roses with love
    Roses with a cute tiny angel

    Flower fairy near to a tree with flowers

    Its raining,  !

    A baby angel siting near to flowers
    Same background with some changes,added a fountain and birds..
    My Karthu gif..
    Flowers and bubbles
    A rosebud
    Flower vase with roses

     white rose with cute girl
    sunflowers and chicken
    vase and fairy
    rose fairy
    roses and kid

    girl near window with bird

    Flowering tree, birds,cat mushrooms etc 

    kanikonna flower with butterfly and small bird
    small baby angel in clouds among flowers
    baby girl standing under the rain and jasmine flowers

    Flowering tree

    bird cage and angel
    a butterfly with some flowers
    parrot sitting on peach flower branch
     cute girl with a butterfly
    Gandhi jayanthi Special

    Japanese Girl 
    More of my creations at 


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